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Top 10 Best Receiver Gloves – Reviews and Buying Guide

By buying a pair of good football receiver gloves, you will make an important investment for your protection. Also, it will improve your performance in the game and enable you to catch every ball efficiently. So, the receiver gloves should have all the important things that you are looking for. This will enhance your performance in the field.

Best Receiver Gloves Reviews For 2021

Since there are numerous options when it comes to choosing a good pair of receiver gloves, it is not easy to get the right receiver gloves for you. Considering this point, we have compiled this article and included the best receiver gloves with a buying guide. By following this article, you can easily pick a pair of receiver gloves from the market.      

#1. Franklin Sports Youth NFL Football Receiver GlovesFootball Receiver Gloves Franklin

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The franklin youth football receiver gloves are specially designed to improve the performance of athletes in the game. It is licensed by the National Football League to be used by athletes for playing football. It has a lightweight design and offers high flexibility and breathability. 

This pair of football receiver gloves makes it very easy to catch footballs out of the air. It has a one-piece tacky silicone palm and extended thumb for superior performance. With a contoured neoprene wraparound wrist closure, it fits securely to the hand and allows you to catch the football easily. 


  • The fit can be customized as per your comfort. 
  • It supports the full range of motions. 
  • These gloves let you catch the footballs easily. 


  • Durability issues. 

#2. Seibertron Pro 3.0 Elite Sports Receiver GlovesReceiver Gloves Seibertron

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These gloves provide high performance and durability with premium material construction. They are made of high-quality flexible materials to offer better comfort to your hand. It has flexible materials on the back that lets you use this glove for many purposes. 

The best thing about this glove is that it is lightweight and machine washable. So, you will feel comfortable wearing these gloves. It has a specific size chart to let you pick the right size gloves for your use. 


  • These gloves are available in four attractive colors. 
  • These are ideal for adults and youth. 
  • The receiver gloves can be used for many purposes. 


  • The grip is not that good.

#3. Cutters Game Day Football GloveFootball Glove Cutters

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This is a pair of highly durable gloves that allow you to play your games confidently. It has a sticky grip and an exceptional design, which makes it ideal for most athletes. These gloves are suitable for multipurpose use like tackle football, flag football, and 7v7 passing football. 

The lightweight and convenient design make this pair of gloves ideal for players of all ages. The Cutters football glove is made of flexible and high-quality materials that can be washed and dried in the machine. Therefore, you can focus on your game instead of putting your efforts into caring for these gloves. 


  • These gloves are available in multiple sizes. 
  • It is made of durable fabric with precision stitching.
  • The flexible back is breathable to keep your hand cool. 


  • The after-sale service is not good.

#4. Adidas Adizero 9.0 Football Receiver GlovesReceiver Gloves Adidas

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The Adidas sports gears are popular for their design and performance. It is designed using advanced technologies and premium quality materials to offer superior comfort and keep you ready for every game. It is equipped with the Grip Tack feature of Adidas to provide a higher grip in any weather condition. 

By using these high-quality gloves, you can catch every single ball in the game with ease. These gloves come with the AeroReady technology on the back to absorb the moisture and keep your hands dry and cool. 


  • The receiver gloves offer high support and performance. 
  • The ergonomic design provides maximum comfort and supports multiple hand movements. 
  • It has box fingertip construction to avoid pinching your fingertip. 


  • These gloves may peel after a few usages.

#5. Nike Men’s Vapor Jet 6.0 Football Receiver GlovesFootball Receiver Gloves Nike

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The Nike vapor jet 6.0 football receiver gloves are an excellent choice for those who need a pair of comfortable and high grip gloves. With a modern design, the receiver gloves offer excellent performance and enable you to catch every ball with ease. The Nike vapor football receiver gloves come with a full-length Magnigrip palm for a superior grip. 

It has woven back to offer maximum breathability and keep your hands comfortably. These gloves will let you play both offense and defense games with ease. It has lightweight padding in the thumb and adjustable cuffs for a custom fit. 


  • The stretch-woven back offers superior ventilation. 
  • The Magnigrip palm provides a high grip. 
  • It is lightweight so comfortable to wear. 


  • There is a size issue.

 #6. Battle Triple Threat Adult Receiver GlovesReceiver Gloves Battle Triple

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These football receiver gloves come in multiple sizes to suit people of all ages. The premium and durable design offer maximum comfort to enable you to wear it and play the game efficiently. The football receiver gloves are made of checker woven fabric that is light in weight and offers great performance. 

The material is perfect for athletes and helps them to improve their performance. It has an ultra-stick palm feature that offers maximum grip and allows you to hold the catch efficiently. Moreover, the reinforced stitching and wear points improve the durability of this product. 


  • It keeps the wrist free for easy movement. 
  • These gloves meet the NFHS, NCAA, and NOCSAE standards. 
  • The checker woven fabric makes these gloves lighter. 


  • Quality issues

#7. Pure Athlete Football Receiver GlovesFootball Receiver Gloves Pure Athlete

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With advanced technologies, this football receiver glove from the pure athlete football brand is a perfect fit for athletes. It offers a superior performance so that you will feel comfortable wearing it and never miss a catch. The glove comes with ventilation zones on the back for higher breathability and keeps your hands cool. 

The glove keeps your hand at the perfect temperature so you can use them for your game in all weather conditions. These gloves are made of two-way stretch fabric for a snug fit and higher flexibility. It has adjustable wrist closure to customize the fit as per your needs. 


  • The premium grip technology offers a higher grip. 
  • These gloves are ideal for all weather conditions. 
  • These are made in the USA. 


  • Some users have got a defective product.

#8. Gonex Adult Football GlovesFootball Gloves Gonex

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The Gonex football gloves have a durable construction to improve your performance in the game. The palm of this glove is 85% silicon to make sure that you hold every catch perfectly. It also ensures to protect your hand on the football field. With an adjustable cuff, these gloves fit perfectly. It has a Velcro closure strap to fit properly on your wrist. 

For a stylish look, this football glove has silicon strip designs at the back. The spandex material construction offers higher breathability and absorbs moisture from your hands. This keeps your hand dry and cool. 


  • It can be washed in the machine as well as by hand. 
  • It has a silicone grip for better performance. 
  • The adjustable design offers a secure fit. 


  • Durability issues.

#9. Battle Sports Ultra-Stick Football Receiver GlovesBattle Football Receiver Gloves

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The Battle Sports football receiver gloves are made of high-quality materials to offer maximum gripping. It is one of the best football receiver gloves in the market to offer high performance. It comes with a Velcro wrist strap that fits your hand securely and allows you to move freely in the field to catch every ball. 

These receiver gloves are designed for adult football players to take their enjoyment to the next level. Thankfully, these gloves have reinforced seam and wear point stitching to let you improve your performance. 


  • These football receiver gloves have a 90-day durability guarantee. 
  • The advanced technologies make this product reliable. 
  • It has a breathable and comfortable design. 


  • No cons so far.

#10. Nike Men’s Superbad 5.0 Receiver Gloves

Receiver Gloves Nike Men’s

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The Nike adult superbad 5.0 football receiver gloves are a perfect choice to improve your performance and protect your hands while playing football. These gloves are made of high-quality sticky materials that let you hold every catch in the game. Further, they have additional padding on the back for maximum protection. 

This football receiver glove comes with a Magnigrip palm to offer exceptional gripping. It is lightweight and made of high-quality knit fabric for super breathability. These receiver gloves feature hook and loop wrist closure for a secure fit. 


  • These receiver gloves have a superior design. 
  • It provides improved protection with additional padding on the back. 
  • The breathable material construction keeps your hand and cool. 


  • None so far.

How To Choose The Best Receiver Gloves

Receiver gloves are an important part of football because their main purpose is to help players catch the ball. These gloves are available in many styles, colors, and shapes to meet individual needs. However, this confuses people when they are in the market to purchase a good pair of football receiver gloves. But if you know what things to consider in your football receiver gloves, then you can pick the right product easily. 


The grip is an important consideration when it comes to buying a good pair of football receiver gloves. This is a different part from the glove material and usually has traction pads. The grip of the receiver gloves is also known as sticky gloves since they let you catch and hold the ball with ease. Therefore, the grip of the football receiver gloves is essential to enhance your performance in the field. So, you can look for a pair of receiver gloves that has a higher grip for optimal performance. 


The style of your football receiver gloves is an important thing to look for if you are conscious about your look in the field. If the gloves have good aesthetics and suit your style, then you can enjoy your game. Different athletes prefer different styles of receiver gloves for comfort and efficient gameplay.  So, you should consider the receiver gloves that suit your style so that you can feel confident when playing football.


It is very inconvenient to have sweaty hands inside the gloves when playing football. Even if you buy a pair of football receiver gloves that perfectly fits you, it can cause sweating when it comes close to your skin. But if the gloves are made of breathable fabric, then they will offer proper airflow to your hand and prevent sweating. This will also keep your hand dry and cool. Breathable football receiver gloves are comfortable and improve your performance in the field. So, you can consider buying a pair of football receiver gloves that are made of breathable materials for unmatched comfort. 


Choosing the right size receiver gloves is important to ensure a perfect fit. If the gloves are to lose, then you can’t achieve the amount of griping you need to catch a ball. On the other hand, a too-tight football receiver glove will prevent your hand from moving freely. So, make sure that you know your glove size and purchase the right receiver gloves for your use. 


A good pair of football receiver gloves should have proper padding to let you move your hand comfortably. The receiver gloves that come with more padding are great for cold weather conditions, but they will provide less impact of the ball to your hand. On the other hand, less padding gloves offer a better impact, but they are not ideal for cold weather conditions. So, it depends on your preference which padding you need.


Purchasing an excellent pair of football receiver gloves is a dream of every football player. But it becomes difficult to select the appropriate gloves from the market since there are multiple options. However, if you consider the important things required for you, then you can choose the right receiver glove for your use.

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