Top 10 Best Mouthpieces with Lip 2021 – Reviews and Buying Guide

Buying a good quality mouthpiece is extremely important for every football player to keep their mouth safe. But how it will be if the mouthguard includes a lip guard as well. Yes, some mouthguards come with lip guard protection to offer maximum protection for your mouth. Such mouthpieces also feature a superior design and let athletes wear them comfortably. 

By using a mouthguard with a lip guard, you can talk, breathe, and drink without any difficulties. Further, such mouthguards provide upper and lower lip protection. This way, this protection gear allows you to focus on the game rather than worrying about your protection. This makes the mouthpieces with lip guards an ideal choice for football and other sports.

Best Mouthpieces with Lip Guard Reviews For 2021 

However, it can be a difficult task for anyone to choose the right fit mouthguard from the market. But if you know the important things to consider in a mouthguard, then you can do this easily. This guide has the best mouthpieces with a lip guard and a buying guide to help you pick the right one for you.    

#1. Under Armor Football Mouth GuardFootball Mouth Guard Under Armor

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The Under Armor football mouth guard has a convenient design for a better experience. It has a lip guard and an integrated bite pad to offer complete protection for your teeth. It can be worn with or without a strap, depending on your comfort. This football mouth guard doesn’t require boiling, so you can use it right after buying. 

The mouthguard has low-profile bite pads to enhance your comfort level. The built-in lip guard offers improved protection for both upper and lower lips. Apart from that, the mouthguard has a large breathing channel to stimulate airflow and let you breathe properly. 


  • It comes with a tether strap. 
  • It provides protection for both lower and upper lips.
  • The mouthpiece is ready to use after purchase. 


  • The strap doesn’t work properly.

#2. Shock Doctor Max Airflow 2.0 Mouthpiece with Lip GuardMouthpiece with Lip Guard Shock Doctor Max Airflow

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Shock Doctor Mouthguard 2.0 comes with the latest design for maximum absorption of any impact from the shots. Meeting state and national regulations, it has an updated design to relax the jaw and prevent teeth from clenching or blocking the airflow channel. Diversity in designs and colors makes it compatible for adults, kids, teenagers, and youth. 

It comes with a large breathing channel which allows more efficient breathing in the field. This mouthguard finds its use in football, hockey, lacrosse, and many other sports as well. Holding accountability for their product, they also offer a $ 10,000 dental or teeth warranty to the customers. It can be fixed to a helmet with the help of a strap.


  • It doesn’t contain latex, BPA, and phthalate, so safe to use.
  • It is suitable for athletes of all ages.
  • Use of Shock Doctor Polymers and integral bite pads for better comfort and protection.


  • Questionable durability

#3. Coollo Sports Mouth Guard Lip Guard for FootballMouth Guard Lip Guard Coollo Sports

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Coollo Sports Lip guard is one of the highest-rated mouthpieces in the market. It comes with durable shock cushions that enhance the protection of lips and mouth and offers comfortable play. It is an instant fit high-impact sports Lip protector which is available for all ages of athletes from 8 & above. Provision of double-side anti-slip bite-pads evenly distributes impact force and thus preventing injuries to your teeth, gums, and jaw joint. 

There is an availability of straps to attach the mouthguard to the helmet. The mouthpiece is made up of FDA-approved material and has passed all the safety and quality tests. It finds its applications in football, boxing, and high-impact sports. The lightweight design makes it ideal for most people. 


  • MAX Plus breathing channels to maximize breathability.
  • It doesn’t require boiling for use. 
  • Low profile design to maximize comfort and protection for the entire mouth.


  • Average customer experience.

#4. Battle Sports Binky Oxygen Football Mouthguard Lip GuardMouthguard Lip Guard Battle Sports

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Battle Sports Binky Oxygen mouthguard with Lip Protector acts like an excellent absorber shield around the jaw that protects the mouth from headshots or sudden shocks. A U-shaped handle makes it easier to pull out the lip protector during breaks. It comes in various styles and designs, which imparts style and makes it look cool on youth and adults. 

Advanced composites are used in manufacturing this lip guard, which makes it lighter, comfortable and delivers the ultimate protection for the lips and jaw. It has an airflow channel that allows maximum air breathability for faster recovery and instant responsiveness during playtimes.


  • It works well with braces.
  • The lip guard enhances the airflow.
  • Boiling is not required to clean the mouth guard.


  • Comparatively Costlier

#5. Shock Doctor Max Airflow Football MouthguardFootball Mouthguard Shock Doctor

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Shock Doctor football Mouthguard works at its best while absorbing any impact from the shots that occurred during the game. It has thicker material in the impact zone and fits perfectly along the molars such that top and bottom teeth are never in contact, thus preventing jaw breakage or clenching teeth. 

A marvelous blend of color, texture, and design makes it suitable both for adults and kids. It comes with a tether and airflow breathing channel, which allows 10% more breathing ability in the field. The mouthguard can be used with or without straps. 


  • Free from LATEX, BPA, and PHTHALATE, reducing the risk of allergies.
  • It works with braces or wires.
  • Shock Doctor Polymers and integral bite pads offer the utmost comfort and safety.


  • Less durable

#6. Oral Mart Football Mouthpiece with Lip GuardMouthpiece with Lip Guard Oral Mart

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Superiority in design and constant research to bring out better designs and more colors is a noticeable feature of the Oral Mart Lip Guard Mouthpiece brand. It comes in various designs like the USA flag, vampire fangs, and 2 other popular colors. The breathing channel provides easy breathing during peak hours of the game too. 

You can wear it strapped or strap-less according to the purpose. It is an instant fit mouthpiece that completely shields teeth, jaw, and gums from external shocks and other mouth injuries. It doesn’t affect your orthodontic treatments. You don’t have to boil the mouthguard for cleaning. After purchasing it, you can start using it instantly. 


  • LATEX free, BPA free, and phthalate-free materials make it safer to use.
  • Extra- Large breathing channel for efficient breathability.
  • It offers an instant fit and can be used right after buying.


  • Limited designs available

#7. Under Armor Football Mouth Guard with Lip GuardMouth Guard with Lip Guard Under Armor

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The name itself says it all. Under Armor Football mouth guard is an instant fit mouth guard and lip shield which can be used right away.  The mouthguard comes with a tether strap to attach the mouthguard to a helmet.  There is also a provision to take the tether on and off according to the need. It goes well along with braces and doesn’t cause any effect on your orthodontic treatments. 

Low profile bite pads and perfect alignment along teeth make it the most comfortable one to put on. It has a large breathing channel for maximizing airflow and promotes easy breathing for efficient performance. The extended lip guard protects lips and jaw against any impact shots that occur during the play. The mouthguard works well with braces.


  • The mouthguard can be worn strapped or strapless.
  • Doesn’t require any boiling for use.  
  • It provides a combination of protection and comfort.


  • No cons so far.

#8. Battle Oxygen Football Mouthguard with Lip ProtectorMouthguard with Lip Protector Battle Oxygen

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Battle Sports Binky Oxygen Lip Protector is an effective shock absorber around the jaw and lips which protects the mouth from headshots. The availability of lip protectors in various designs and colors makes it a personalized mouthguard with a stylish cool look. The lip guard is made up of advanced composites, imparting strength, durability and making its design flexible.  

It possesses the largest breathing hole in the market, which allows maximum air breathability for better performance in the field. It can be used in football, boxing, and various sports for jaw protection. It also comes with a strap to be fixed to the helmet. The mouthguard is light in weight to let you use it for long hours without any difficulties. 


  • It can be used with or without braces.
  • The mouthguard offers maximum breathability.
  • No need to clean the lip guard in boiling water.


  • It is available in one size only.

How To Choose The Best Mouthpieces with Lip Guard

Taking care of your body is extremely important when playing a football game. Being an impactful and contact game, football can cause severe damages to your teeth, mouth, lip, and tongue if you have not taken any protective measures. In this buying guide, we have listed the important factors to consider when buying the best mouthpiece with a lip guard.

Comfort and Protection

A mouthguard that provides both comfort and protection is ideal for use. It should allow you to breathe and speak without any difficulties when it is in your mouth. To ensure maximum comfort, make sure that you won’t feel any difficulties in breathing or talking while wearing the mouthguard. Also, it should fit securely to your mouth so that you won’t feel any irritation when wearing a mouthpiece. 

The mouthguard should cover your mouth properly to keep your mouth and teeth safe. If the mouthguard is uncomfortable, then it will affect your performance because you will keep focusing on adjusting the mouthguard during the game. 


The mouthguard should be free from BPA, phthalate, and other harmful chemicals to ensure safety. Also, it should meet the safety standards to provide the best mouth protection. The mouthguard should be safe for athletes and tested for providing the best results. If the mouthguard doesn’t meet the safety measures, then it is not ideal for use. It can cause health issues. 

Consider Your Purpose

You should pick a mouthguard that is suitable for the sport you want to play. You will need to decide whether you are going to play a contact or non-contact sport and select the mouthguard accordingly. In the case of a football game, you should consider using a strapped mouthguard so that you can attach it to the helmet. In general, different athletes have different purposes, so it is an important point to consider when choosing a mouthguard.

Mouthguard Case

The mouthguard should come with a storage case to keep your mouthguard clean. Usually, nobody will like to wear a dirty mouthguard. So, it is crucial to keep your mouthguard safe from dust, dirt, germs, etc. 

Despite keeping your mouthguard clean, a storage case also ensures that you don’t lose your mouthguard in a game. When the mouthguard is kept inside a case, it will be safe, and you can easily notice it and keep it with you. The case should also have a breathable feature to dry the mouthguard after every use. 


Make sure that the mouthguard has features for teeth braces. This will keep your teeth braces safe when you wear the mouthguard. Athletes who have braced teeth must look into this factor. Some mouthguards also come with a custom fit to ensure that your teeth braces are safe when you wear the mouthguard. Such mouthpieces come with special channels that fit your braces without any misalignment. 

Lip Guard

When playing football, you should be protected as much as you can. So, some mouthguards also come with a lip guard to protect your lip from damages. Such mouthguards cover your entire mouth and absorb impact efficiently. They ensure that your mouth is fully safe during the football game.


Playing football without a mouthguard is risky because it can cause injuries. Apart from using a mouthguard, if you use a mouthguard with a lip guard, then you can ensure the highest protection for you. But due to the variety of options in the market, one can feel difficulties when choosing the right mouthpiece with a lip guard. Anyway, this guide has everything to help you select the right mouthpiece from the market.

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