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Top 10 Best Mouthguards For Football – Reviews and Buying Guide

Safety should come first no matter which game you are playing and when it comes to football, gloves and mouthguard are the most important. Do you use a mouthguard while playing football? I assume you do not use one, if that is the case, then we recommend that you start using one for better dental care. 

As a protective component in your football gear, the best football mouthguard is the one with a style and that offers maximum dental protection. While some people do not love mouthguards as they consider them overrated, you should not be one of them. Any dental issue could indeed be solved these days, let it be a crack or a broken tooth, but, you do not have to be in such a position if you use a mouthguard.

Best Mouthguards For Football Reviews For 2021

If you are looking for a football mouthguard, you would be surprised to find more than 100+ products today. From this diverse range of products, it is not going to be easy to select the best. But, you need not worry, to help you we have selected the 10 best football mouthguards that you would find useful.

Top 10 best mouthguard for football –

#1. Shock Doctor Gel Max MouthguardMouthguard Shock Doctor

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This football mouthguard might look like a toy, but, in terms of quality and protection. We have not seen any other football mouthguard that could match this one. For the price at which this football mouthguard comes, the quality of this one is very good.

Unlike most football mouthguards, this mouthguard offers good comfort to the user. At the same time, the product also offers the same level of protection. The integrated breathing channels incorporated into this football mouthguard make it easy to wear and to breathe. To be frank, you will not be able to find a mouth adaptive football mouthguard at this price range anywhere on the market.


  • Cheap
  • Durable
  • Easy to use
  • Both comfort and protection


  • Nothing as such

#2. SISU Aero 1.6mm Sports MouthguardMouthguard SISU

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SISU is a football mouthguard that comparatively expensive than most of the other mouthguards with the same specs. However, the quality and the durability of this mouthguard are exceptional.

While some people might consider the price to be unreasonable, according to us, it is not unreasonable. The mouthguard is very thin and therefore, the user might not even feel like he is wearing it. The diffusix technology used in this mouthguard makes sure that it distributes the impact forces equally, which, in turn, reduces the impact on each tooth and prevents any damage to the tooth. In comparison, this mouthguard is not only thin but also ultra-light. While most of the ultrathin mouthguards on the market are sub-standard, this one is not.


  • Ultralight design
  • Easy to mold and re-mold
  • 1.6mm thick
  • Thinner than most football mouthguards


  • Comparatively very expensive

#3. SAFEJAWZ Mouthguard Slim Fit Mouthguard SAFEJAWZ

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A football mouthguard for an adult is easy to use, but, when purchasing for a kid, it needs to be selected carefully. This football mouthguard is designed specifically for kids and therefore, you need not have to worry about your kid’s tooth protection.

In terms of durability, this football mouthguard is the best among the products for kids. Unlike most other mouthguards, this one could be adjusted to fit the dental features of the user. the pre-formed base that this mouthguard has is very strong that protects the jaw. Apart from this, the ultra-slim profile of these products makes it the best option for those kids who gag while using a mouthguard.


  • Pre-formed base
  • Comparatively ultra-slim design
  • Fluid fit technology
  • Multiple fitting features


  • Best for kids below the age of 11-years only

#4. Venum Challenger MouthguardMouthguard Venum

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Among the different types of football mouthguards that we reviewed, this one is our personal choice. While this mouthguard is simple and easy to use, it does not fall back in terms of protection.

The entire product is made of high-quality rubber, which, in turn, makes this football mouthguard flexible. Even though it is flexible, the comfort and protection offered are comparatively very better than other mouthguards. Since the mouthguard frame is made of rubber, the impact force is distributed more efficiently. If you are looking for a rubber mouthguard, this one should be your first choice.


  • Flexible
  • High-quality rubber used
  • Adjustable design
  • Easy to use


  • For the design, the price is unreasonable

#5. Oral Mart Sports Youth Mouthguard for KidsMouthguard Oral Mart

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Oral Mart sports accessories are considered to be one of the best on the market. This mouthguard from Oral Mart was reviewed without any prejudice. However, we were surprised to find that this mouthguard could compete with the best product on this list.

The manufacturer guarantees that this mouthguard is made of BPA-free material and made of 100% medical-grade materials only. While this mouthguard is only designed for kids, the safety and comfort offered are unparalleled. This mouthguard is easy to wear and also at the same time the soft inner gel offers comfort that could not be found in any other mouthguards.


  • Superior quality product
  • BPA free
  • Easy to use
  • Comes with a soft inner gel


  • This product is comparatively bulkier than other mouthguards

#6. Franklin Sports Athletic MouthguardsMouthguards Franklin Sports

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Not all durable and good mouthguards are expensive, some cheap mouthguards offer good protection and comfort at the same time. This mouthguard is cheaper than most of the mouthguards out there and also the protection offered is very good.

Among all those budget and cheap mouthguards on the market, we found this one to be different. In terms of quality, it might not be the best, but, for the price at which it comes, the quality is exceptional. Even though this mouthguard is cheap, it is a mouth adaptive type, all you have to do is drop it in warm water for 30-seconds and you could wear it comfortably.


  • Very cheap
  • Comes in a pack of two
  • Durable 
  • Simple


  • The quality of this mouthguard is not very high, therefore, could not be used for a long time.

#7. Sparkling white smiles football mouthguardfootball mouthguard Sparkling white

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Some football players love semi-transparent mouthguards, if you are such a person, then this one is the best among semi-transparent mouthguards. 

Unlike most of the mouthguards, this one comes with a different design. The manufacturer offers this product in a pack of two at a reasonable price. If compared to other mouthguards on this list, the price of this product is cheap. This mouthguard is BPA and latex-free, which makes it best for people with latex allergies.


  • Custom fit
  • Comes in a pack of two
  • Thick cushioning
  • Easy to use


  • Complex design, therefore, cleaning is not easy.

#8. New Age Performance 6DS mouthguardmouthguard New Age

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We could not neglect this mouthguard as the protection this one offers is superior to most of the other mouthguards on this list. While this mouthguard is not designed specifically for football only, it is also best for people who do weight lifting. Unlike most of the mouth guars on the market, this one is different in terms of design and terms of protection. If compared to other mouthguards, this one might be the best. However, the design might not be best for all.


  • High quality
  • Superior dental protection
  • Adjustable design
  • Comes with storage case


  • Comparatively very expensive

#9. Nxtrnd One Mouthguard SportsMouthguard Nxtrnd

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Compare this mouthguard with other football mouthguards on the market and you will know the difference. Not only the design is different, but the way of using it is also different.

When it’s the ease of use, this mouthguard might not be easy to use as the others. But, in terms of protection and comfort, not even the top product might offer the same. This mouthguard is not ready-made, the user has to assemble and adjust the setting according to the dental features. Apart from this, this mouthguard is comparatively more durable than most other mouthguards.


  • Superior comfort and protection
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Lightweight


  • Not easy to use

#10. GuardLab APEX MouthguardsMouthguards GuardLab APEX

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Are you looking for a mouthguard that does not only offers comfort and protection but also style? Then, this mouthguard could be what you are looking for.

There is a reason why we have included this product in our list, while reviewing all the products, we found that this mouthguard is an all-rounder. Most of the mouthguards that we reviewed offered comfort and protection, but, only a few offered style too. Among them, this one seems to be the best. The entire product is made of high-quality material and it is easy to use. 

Pros –

  • Very soft and comfortable
  • Easy to use
  • Mouth adaptive mouthguard

Cons –

  • Expensive than other mouthguards

How To Choose The Best Mouthguards For Football

Football mouthguard is such a small protective gear, what’s there to consider? Do you have the same opinion? Then, you are wrong, just because they are small, it does not mean that you should be careless and negligent while selecting one. Once you read the facts and factors listed below, you would understand the importance and dangers involved if you select the wrong product.

## Always pick the right style mouthguard

There are three types of mouthguards, which are broadly differentiated as 

  • Ready-made mouthguards
  • Mouth adaptive mouthguard
  • Custom-fit mouthguards

In terms of style and features, all these three mouthguards are different. Now, let us look into each type of these mouthguards.

Ready-made mouthguards

Ready-made mouthguards are also commonly known as instant fit mouthguards that are designed in such a way that they could be used as soon as they come out of the box. This type of mouthguard cannot be modified or adjusted. They are easy to use as they are simple and it does not have a complex structure. However, ready-made mouthguards tend to be bulkier than other football mouthguards.

Mouth adaptive mouthguards

Perhaps, this is the type of mouthguard that is used by most football players. One of the advantages of this mouthguard is that it could adapt to the dental features of the user. The user has to drop this mouthguard in warm water and the inner layer of the mouthguard softens and then placing it in the mouth could help it to adapt to your dental features. While this type of football mouthguard is most preferred, they are comparatively expensive than any other type of mouthguard. 

Custom-fit mouthguard

A custom-fit mouthguard is recommended for football players who prefer using custom-made products. Yes, custom-fit mouthguards are not available ready-made, therefore, you cannot purchase them online. You need to visit a reputed dental professional and then place an order for a custom-fit football mouthguard. Then the dental professional would measure your teeth and then use custom-made a mouthguard. If compared to mouth adaptive mouthguards, a custom fit mouthguard might cost you the same. In terms of protection, custom-fit mouthguards tend to be the best.

## What do you want, protection or comfort? Or both?

There are indeed football mouthguards that offer just comfort and no good protection. Most customers fail to realize this fact and end up purchasing a worthless football mouthguard. You must remember that while purchasing a football mouthguard, you should not select either one. Your football mouthguard should offer both protection and comfort at the same time. This is why you must ask yourself these questions while purchasing a football mouthguard.

  • Am I able to talk while wearing the football mouthguard? The best football mouthguard would allow you to talk.
  • Is my football mouthguard tight and does not fall off easily? The best football mouthguard would not be too tight or too loose.
  • How much does my football mouthguard cover? The best football mouthguard should end between the second or first molar. 

## Is it made of good material? Is it compliant with safety regulations set by the authorities?

Just because a football mouthguard is comfortable and protective, it does not mean it is safe. While the having diverse range of football mouthguards on the market is good, it does have disadvantages. Most customers are unaware of the fact that there are sub-standard quality mouthguards in the market today. Using these mouthguards could do more harm than good. This is why you must select a football mouthguard carefully. You must check if the mouthguard you are purchasing comes from a good brand and if they are safety regulation compliant.

## Look for a football mouthguard and not a regular mouthguard

There are mouthguards designed for different sports, based on the sports the design and the overall efficiency of the mouthguard would differ. This is why you must make sure that the mouthguard that you purchase is designed for football use only and not anything else.


All the football mouthguards listed above were selected based on important factors like brand, quality, customer reviews, etc. You should consider purchasing any one of them and you would not regret it.

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