Top 10 Best Football Mouth Piece – Reviews and Buying Guide

When playing a football game, the chances of getting injured are high. This is why the demand for the NFL-recommended football protective gear is always high among athletes. The importance of a football mouthguard is always top because it protects the teeth and mouth of athletes in the event of an impact.

Best Football Mouth Piece Reviews For 2021

The best football mouthpiece will assure you that your teeth, tongue, and mouth are safe while playing the game. So, you should pick a mouthguard that fits your mouth comfortably. Here we have reviewed the ten Best Football Mouthguards to help you choose the right one for you.   

#1. Shock Doctor Gel Max Mouth GuardMouth Guard

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The shock doctor mouthguard offers maximum protection and comfort to your teeth by using a convertible tether. The tether enables you to use the mouth guard strapped or strapless as per your choice. This mouthguard is easy to use and is suitable for athletes of all ages. Even during heavy impacts, it can keep your teeth safe by using the heavy-duty exoskeleton shock frame. 

The mouth guard has integrated breathing channels to ensure continuous airflow and let you breathe comfortably. In this way, the shock doctor mouthpiece is an excellent choice to ensure comfort and protection for your teeth and gums. 


  • It comes with gel fit liner technology for a secure fit.
  • The mouthguard comes with built-in breathing channels. 
  • It is made of heavy-duty material for high performance and durability. 


  • It has size issues, so check it before buying. 

#2. Sisu Aero 1.6mm Sports Mouth GuardMouth Guard

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With a unique design and features, the Sisu aero mouth guard is ideal for any football player. It has a slimmer and lighter design for easy usability. To be accurate, the Sisu Aero mouthguard is 50% thinner compared to standard mouthguards. It will fit your mouth perfectly and securely so that you will not feel that there is something in your mouth. 

This mouth guard is available in large, medium, and small sizes to let you select the right one for you. The adjustable design allows you to breathe, drink, and talk wearing the mouth guard. The mouth guard is made of soft materials that prevent the impact force from transferring to the teeth. 


  • The Diffusix technology distributes the impact over larger areas. 
  • The mouth guard reduces the risk of dental injury.
  • It is ideal for athletes from 5 feet to 6 feet tall. 


  • It is not long-lasting.

#3. Safe Jawz Slim Fit MouthguardMouthguard

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It always seems like a struggle to get a tight fit of a mouthguard. Safe Jawz Mouthguard’s RE Model technology allows you the repetitive fitting many times. It equally fits adults and junior mouths. Fluid Fit technology is used in its making. It fills the outline of your teeth and stays in the mouth where it should be. 

Safe Jawz Mouthguard provides comfort to users as it doesn’t feel hard to gums. It comes with a jaw protection feature to save your jaws free from impact when you are biting it. The anti-gag feature keeps your gum shields safe while playing the game. 


  • It protects your jaw while biting on guard.
  • The fluid fit technology offers a secure fit.
  • It comes with a case for easy storage. 


  • A little annoying with the braces.

#4. Venum Challenger MouthguardMouthguard

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Venum Challenger Mouthguard provides high safety during sports like football, martial arts, karate, and boxing. It uses a Nexfit gel frame for the perfect fit. This gel frame feels very light in the mouth. Venum Challenger mouthguard has a high-density lower rubber frame. This frame is supposed to break the shock wave and divide the shock towards the strongest teeth.

It has an advanced design to support your breathing process. Moreover, the mouthguard can manage the shock optimally with its high-density rubber frame. There is a protective storage case to let you store the mouth guard easily. 


  • It has a protective sanitary case.
  • Its rubber frame breaks the shock wave.
  • It fits well in the mouth due to Nexfit gel.


  • It’s not so durable.

#5. Oral Mart Sports Youth Mouthguard


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The Oral Mart sports youth mouthguard is made up of high-quality material as it is BPA-free, it is fully hygienic for children of age 12 and below to use for a long time. These mouthguards are available in 13 best colors and in USA flag & vampire Fangs that look attractive and enables youth to wear them efficiently. 

Most children don’t like to wear mouthguards because of the hard material used in them, but the Oral Mart youth guard features a dual-layer design, so your child doesn’t feel it hard on gums. Moreover, they are easy to mold, so your child won’t have to struggle while wearing them, and easy wearing also saves time.


  • Soft material doesn’t hurt the mouth.
  • Hygenic as it’s BPA-free.
  • Multiple colors to attract the child.


  • Doesn’t fit on braces.

#6. Franklin Sports Athletic Football MouthguardMouthguard Franklin Sports

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The Franklin Sports Athletic football mouthguards protect you from any injury during sports no matter what. You can play well without the fear of harm as these mouthguards are constructed from EVA polymer to provide shock-absorbing protection. Unlike other mouthguards, it’s easy to speak and breathe while wearing the Franklin mouthguard. 

The Franklin mouthguards can be customized well to the shape of the mouth if the instructions on the pack are followed properly. The Franklin set provides two separate mouthguards, so you will have an extra piece ready. Moreover, these mouthguards are completely customizable for a secure fit. 


  • Provides firm protection with EVA polymer.
  • Easy to speak and breathe while wearing.
  • It is ideal for use for multiple sports. 


  • Don’t fit well if instructions are not properly followed.

#7. Sparkling White Smiles Professional Sports MouthguardMouthguard Sparkling White

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Sparkling White Smiles mouthguard is BPA and latex-free. These two things make it completely safe and healthy for prolonged use. There is no use of color additives in it. Sparkling White Smiles mouthguard is used by professional athletes and provides full safety. It’s equally beneficial for contact and non-contact sport. 

It is best for avoiding teeth grinding at night. Sparkling White Smiles gives you ultimate teeth protection with a thick cushioning base to absorb shock. This mouthguard molds to the shape of any tooth and mouth size. It also molds to braces better and gives full coverage over teeth. This is a pack of two-sport mouth guards with a carrying case for better usability. 


  • Best for teeth grinding. 
  • BPA and latex-free.
  • Easily molds to any mouth size.


  • It tastes slightly bitter in the morning.

#8. New Age Performance 6ds Football MouthpieceFootball Mouthpiece New Age Performance

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New Age weight lifting Mouthpiece is designed to support your jaw in its actual position to keep you balanced. It saves your teeth and increases lifting abilities. It keeps you away from grinding teeth. New Age’s DS technology aligns and stabilizes your below jaw movements. The Ds technology provides top-down body performance with the least chances of fatigue and injury. 

New Age’s weight lifting mouthpiece offers great help to the professionals in the competitions. At first, you can use this mouthpiece for 5 to 7 days continuously so that it can adapt to your jaw. This superb mouthpiece will offer a lifetime of 3 months if you use it three to four times per week. 


  • Ds technology balances your jaws.
  • No need to boil thus saves time.
  • Helps to prevent teeth grinding. 


  • It takes time and continuous use to fully adapt your jaws.

#9. Nxtrnd One Football MouthguardFootball Mouthguard Nxtrnd

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Nxtrnd One Mouthguard offers the least weight as compared to other mouthguards. It’s easy to wear this Mouthguard for a long time while playing football and other games. The highest quality of polymer is used in its making. The oxygen hole that is the signature of Nxtrnd enhances the airflow. It has a total width of 27 millimeters that makes it easier to breathe. 

You can easily wear it for long durations because you don’t feel difficulty in breathing. Nxtrnd One is equally compatible with braces and without braces. You get one sport mouthpiece and two straps, so no worries about the size. Its high-quality material does not hurt your teeth. You also get a storage case with it.


  • It doesn’t hurt teeth.
  • Easy to breathe because of oxygen hole.
  • The provided case keeps it hygienic.


  • Not suitable for children under the age of 11 years.

#10. Guard Lab Apex Football MouthguardsFootball Mouthguards Guard Lab Apex

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The guard lab apex football mouthguards are designed using 3D technology and printing. It offers maximum protection for your teeth and ensures that you feel comfortable wearing the mouthpiece. It has multiple attractive designs such as country flags, animal stripes, gold fangs, etc. 

The mouthguard is ideal for all types of athletes and offers full control to the athlete. It comes with a pre indented bite pattern for an appropriate fit. This mouthguard is highly comfortable and is suitable for all sports. 


  • Made of BPA-free, Phthalates free, and latex-free materials.
  • It is designed using 3D technology.
  • The APEX bite pattern offers a precise fit to every athlete. 


  • No cons so far

How To Choose The Best Football Mouth Piece

Usually, it is a confusing task to choose the best football mouthpiece from the market. This is because there are numerous options in the market, and every product comes with some unique features. However, you can consider the crucial things before buying a mouthpiece to make the right choice. 

Level of Protection

The main objective of buying a football mouthguard is to keep your teeth protected from injuries and shocks. The best football mouthguards come with advanced technologies to offer the highest protection that every player needs. Mouthpieces usually use a gel-like material to provide cushioning support to the teeth of athletes. Normally, mouthguards are available with different technologies and features, so different mouthguards provide different levels of protection. 


Fit is the next important thing to consider because the right-fit mouthguard will stay in place during an impact. Also, the right-fit mouthguards will offer better protection and comfort to you and enable you to deal with the impact efficiently. So, check and make sure that the mouth guard will fit your mouth properly before purchasing. 


Unlike other football gears, a football mouthguard is going to be used in your mouth, so it should be of high quality. The mouthguard should do its job efficiently and protect your teeth and jaw. A high-quality mouthguard will provide maximum protection to your teeth in case of a collision to ensure safety. 


The mouthguard should sit comfortably in your mouth and keep your teeth and gum safe. When considering comfort, you should also consider the fit of the mouthguard. If the mouthguard has a perfect fit, then it will offer better comfort to you. Moreover, the mouthguard should allow you to breathe, talk, and drink when placed in the mouth. 


Some football mouthguards are specially designed for players who have braced teeth. These mouthguards usually come with some extra space for the brace. Athletes who have braced teeth need to consider this point. Such mouthguards prevent teeth injury and provide space for teeth braces. 

Storage Case

If the mouthguard includes a storage case, then you can keep it hygienically after every use. Since this protective gear goes inside your mouth, you can consider this point to ensure better usability. This enables you to simply wash and store the mouthguard in the protective case after every use.


No matter whether you are a kid, youth, or adult, mouthguards are essential for you for playing football. This is why football mouthguards come in different sizes. Also, they come with advanced features for the highest protection. The only thing you need to do is wear the mouthguard properly before going to play the game. We hope now you have a better idea about football mouthguards and choose one for you easily.

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