Top 10 Best Football Girdle for Lineman – Reviews and Buying Guide

It is necessary to take care of the body while playing football because a wrong shot or an impactful force can damage the body severely. Just as the other accessories like helmets, shoes, gloves are necessary to wear during a game, the girdle is also important to protect the lower body from force full impacts. Any game can become violent when winning is at stake. Thus, Girdle is one of the safest accessories that one should wear while playing competitive games.

Best Football Girdle for Lineman Reviews For 2021

A girdle not only protects the lower body but also provides stability during the game. A girdle is made of a sleeve of fabric that sounds just like underwear, but it’s very thick to protect the wearer’s sensitive parts. It provides safety to the player and protects hips, thighs. We all know that a hard impact from football can cause danger to go live, so the girdles come with extra padding to protect critical parts of the players. And to help you buy the best girdle, we have compiled this article. 

#1. TUOY Padded Compression Shorts Padded FootballShorts Padded Football TUOY

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These girdles are said to be designed by football coaches and players. These shorts are installed with padding technology that absorbs up to 95% of major impacts.  The pads are high-density soft that keeps the balance of the player. It helps in reducing muscle pain and improve performance with extra muscle support in the field.  It is designed to offer stability and sturdiness to the waist, hip, thighs. 

It helps in more effective and faster muscle warm-up. It is made very comfortable and comes with a breathable feature that remains hot in winters and cold in summers. It has a tight grip and is easily washable. It allows greater flexibility and motion without irritating. It comes with polyester fabrics and EVA foam. It is installed with stretchy elastic at the waist and legs. 


  • The strip is made of non-slip silicone.
  • There is a double side sewn to ensure stability.
  • High resilience foam gives perfect protection.


  • Not suitable for people who are allergic to EVA foam and Lycra.

#2. Under Armor Gameday Pro 5-Pad FootballPad Football Under Armor

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The girdles are installed with HEX padding, which provides stability to the waist, thighs, and groin. It provides relief from pain due to strains, sprains, dislocation. The girdles come with Heat Gear Technology which means it is very comfortable to wear on any type of game. 

It is made of 82% polyester and installed with a moisture transport system that prevents the accumulation of sweat and prevents chaffing. The girdle comes with a shock-absorbing feature. They are available at an affordable price in the market.


  • The griddle is lightweight.
  • It is made of high-quality material.
  • It is true of its size.


  • Less durable.

#3. CHAMPRO Adult Bull Rush 7 Pad Football GirdlePad Football Girdle CHAMPRO

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The Champro football girdle pads are designed to cushion the hips, thighs, knees, and tail. The padding is constructed over wraparound that offers maximum protection to thighs. It is made of 4-way stretch fabric polyester and spandex blend. It provides a high compression fit that allows players to move easily throughout the game. 

It comes with DRI-GEAR technology that prevents moisture and keeps the player dry.  It is installed with a low-profile padding system that minimizes weight and maximizes protection. It allows the players to insert their cups as it comes with a built-in cup pocket.


  • The girdle offers better comfort.
  • It is said that the girdle perfectly fits.
  • It has the feature that absorbs moisture and sweat.


  • The stitching is poor as per some users.

#4. Sports Unlimited Adult 5 Pad Integrated Football GirdleFootball Girdle Sports

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The Sports Unlimited football girdle is made of tremendous designs and materials to offer great performance. It is installed with a 5-pad protection design. The hip pads are extended to the top of the waistband to provide maximum protection. It said that the girdle comes with a compression fit that will help in keeping your muscles warm. 

The thigh pads are very flexible and are attached to the body for better movement and comfort. The pads come with EVA foam that helps support the full range of motion. 


  • The thigh pads are flexible.
  • The football girdle is highly durable.
  • The pad comes with EVA foam.


  • Cups are not included.

#5. Gear Pro-Tec Edge Pro 5-Pad Adult Football GirdleFootball Girdle Gear Pro-Tec Edge

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It comes with EVA foam technology that provides maximum protection. The thigh plates are designed with ventilated HDPE polymer that diverts the impact energy to the foam. It has a moisture-wicking feature that absorbs all the sweat and moisture and provides a cooling effect to the wearer.

It is said that it fits perfectly and provides full movement without any hindrance. The girdle offers a perfect blend of protection and comfort to the player.  


  • It provides complete protection.
  • This girdle has a moisture elimination feature.
  • It provides full movement of the body.


  • It doesn’t come with a butt pad.

#6. Adams High Rise Varsity All-in-One Football GirdleFootball Girdle Adams

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This football girdle is made of 88% polyester and 12% spandex. It provides maximum protection to integrated spine, thigh, hip pads. It is designed with easy use feature. It is very comfortable to wear and provides maximum protection to the lower body. The breathable fabric keeps the body cool and takes away extra moisture and sweat from the wearer’s body. It fits very easily. 

It has compression stretch fabric that moves with the body. The perforated pads provide better ventilation. The fabric is designed to help to reduce muscle fatigue and prevent soreness of muscles. It is equipped with odor prevention features that act as anti-microbial and prevent odor from the wearer body. It can be easily washed and is safe to use.


  • The girdle helps in reducing sprains and strains of muscles.
  • It provides maximum protection to sensitive parts of the body.
  • It comes with anti-microbial features.


  • It is not that stretchy.

#7. FPGU7 Champro Man Up 7 Pad GirdlePad Girdle FPGU7 Champro

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The champion Man football girdle comes with the TRI-FLEX cushion system that provides maximum protection and flexibility. The TRI-FLEX feature has ventilated hip pads that rise above the waist. It comes with ventilated hip pads that prevent moisture from accumulating. 

The football girdle comes with hard plastic shock plates.  The Spandex fabric makes it flexible to wear. The pads are very soft provides maximum support. 


  • This football girdle has Cup pocket.
  • It comes with DRI-GEAR moisture management fabric.
  • It comes with a High-compression feature.


  • Cup is not included in it.

#8. EXXACT Sports ‘Rebel’ 5-Pad Youth Football GirdleFootball Girdle EXXACT Sports

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The EXXACT football girdle comes with a breathable feature and is made of high-quality 4-way stretchy material. This design makes the girdle comfortable and durable. The fabric used in the girdle is very comfortable and durable. The fabric allows maximum movements while keeping the body cool with its unique properties. The girdle comes with integrated padding. It covers the most important parts of the body, like the thighs, hip, and tail. 

It allows ease of movement and maximum protection. The pads constructed on the hips and tail are Perforated. These girdles provide maximum protection without causing any interference in your movement. For a secure and comfortable fit, this football girdle is lined with Soft Plush Elastic. This girdle comes with a secure fit and is very comfortable to wear. It comes with built-in pads. For better protection, it comes with a cup pocket in the crotch area.


  • It has a breathable feature that keeps the player ventilated. 
  • It can be worn beneath any uniform.
  • It is lined with soft plush plastic.


  • Cup is Not Included with the product.

#9. Schutt ProTech Youth All-in-One Football GirdleFootball Girdle Schutt ProTech

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It comes with breathable features that allow your body to breathe and cool itself. It wicks away extra sweat and moisture from the body. It comes with perforated pads that provide better airflow and ventilation. The integrated spine, thigh, and hip pads are permanently sewed to provide maximum protection and are very easy to use. It fits very easily under any uniform or practice football pants. 

The compression stretch fabric moves with the body of the player and helps to reduce fatigue in muscles and soreness of muscles. It prevents strain and provides maximum power. It is made of 80% polyester.  It comes with an order protection feature that is anti-microbial and reduces odor coming from the body. It can be easily washable and dries quickly.


  • The odor feature reduces the odor emission from the body.
  • It provides maximum protection to the thighs and spine.
  • It stays fitted to the body.


  • None so far.

#10. Cramer Classic Football Girdle with Hip & Tailbone PadsGirdle Cramer Classic

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The camera classic football girdle is made of 85%Polyester. It comes with a feature of anti-microbial and moisture-wicking. The waistband is made of an elastomer waistband. There is a feature called Integrated closed-cell EVA foam that protects hip and tailbone pads which in turn help protect the iliac crest. 

The thigh pad-pockets are made with sewing techniques. The Cramer football girdle is available in the market at an affordable price. The football griddle is made of high-quality materials that improve its durability and offer better performance. 


  • The material is very durable.
  • The pads are very soft.
  • It reduces fatigue and pain in the thighs and spine.


  • It doesn’t come with pads.

How To Choose The Best Football Girdle for Lineman

It is your choice to choose the girdle that is best for you. There are several types of girdles. People choose girdle based on several factors like price, material, pads, breathability, stretchability, long-lasting, etc. Below are some of the points that you can consider while buying girdles. It’s the guide that you can refer to before choosing the correct girdle for you.


The usage of a material is an important factor. If the material is easy to wash, durable and long-lasting, then it is best to choose that girdle. The most common material used in a girdle is polyester and nylon, and spandex. The best choice of material is cotton, as it is best to absorb sweat. The girdles that are made of soft fabrics are very comfortable to wear and are durable also. You should also keep in mind that fabric should be stretchable also. 


The girdle should be anti-abrasion. This means these types of material and features reduces the risk of abrasions. The girdle with this feature can be worn on games of violent nature.

Moisture-wicking technology and ventilation

The Moisture-wicking materials are the most important feature of the girdle. If a girdle cannot absorb sweat and moisture, then it will be uncomfortable to wear. So, you should always choose a girdle that is equipped with this technology to prevent excessive sweating and maintain cooling throughout the games. This feature also prevents bacteria or any infection from growing and makes the girdle durable and long-lasting.

Soft Padding

This is among the most important parts of your girdles as it specifies the level of safety and lets you enjoy yourself on the field. Most of the girdles are accompanied by EVA foam padding, which is an excellent choice as it offers tremendous shock absorption without creating the girdles too thick to wear.

Perfect size

The girdles are designed with several types of fit. Finding a perfect fit can be a hectic task but you should read the size chart before purchasing the product. Sizing plays an important part as the correct size will increase your performance on the field, while the wrong size will make you uncomfortable.


As we understood, the selection of a girdle is important, just like other accessories of the football. The above ten products are in the list of top 10 girdles for linemen. We have also discussed the buying guide that will help you in choosing the correct girdles for yourself. Each product has its distinct features and is perfect in size too.

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