Top 10 Best Football Cleats for Speed – Reviews and Buying Guide

Irrespective of your position in a football game, you will need a good pair of football cleats on your feet. Otherwise, you can’t play the game comfortably. With the right pair of football cleats, you can get proper support, traction, and comfort to your feet. This will also help improve your performance which you can experience in the field. If you have the right football cleats, then it will increase your speed in the game while protecting your feet.

Best Football Cleats for Speed Reviews For 2021

 Without the right football cleats, you can get injuries on your feet while playing. Therefore, having the best football cleats is important for comfort, protection, speed, and performance in the game of football. Here is a list of the ten best football cleats to enhance your speed. Also, we have a buying guide to help you choose the right one easily. 

#1. Under Armor Men’s Spotlight Franchise Football ShoesFootball Shoes Under Armor

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These football cleats from the Under Armor brand come with an e-sizing design that fits athletes with wide feet excellently. These shoes are made of synthetic material for added durability and support. The sole is made of premium quality rubber material for long-lasting performance. These cleats are great for athletes of all ages because they are available in a wide range of sizes.

The Under Armor football cleats come with a three-piece rear panel that looks excellent and offers a perfect fit. It has a height of 5/8 to offer appropriate speed and support. The midsole of these shoes is made of EVA foam for better cushion and comfort. 


  • The upper of these shoes are made of 100% synthetic material. 
  • The rubber-molded sole offers better traction. 
  • These cleats are an ideal fit for wide feet. 


  • Quality issues.

#2. Adidas Men’s Adizero 8.0 Football CleatsFootball Cleats Adidas

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The Adidas Men’s Adizero 8.0 Football Shoes are specially designed to fit the feet of athletes very comfortably and do not give any damage to it throughout the play for sure. The sole of these shoes is made with synthetic material and is very soft for the feet. These shoes are designed in such a way that they are extremely lightweight. This improves the running or walking speed of men & also gives them stability when required. 

The texture of these shoes is sock-like that offers a smooth surface to men from the inside and proper grip and stability from the outside. The upper part of these cleats is completely knitted and gives a lace-form delivery to men. The presence of a collar at the upper side offers feet protection without controlling or resisting the movements. 


  • Special lace-up closure provides complete leg protection.
  • Proper grip with the ground at the time of stopping or halting. 
  • Can simply be cleaned with wet wipes from the outside & deodorizer spray from the inside. 


  • Quite narrow in structure.

#3. Wry Men’s Football Cleats Football Cleats Wry Men’s

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The upper texture of these shoes is made of microfiber that gives a soft texture. It perfectly fits the feet and gives comfortable & flexible movement. For additional protection of the feet, it consists of a toe cap fully streamlined in its nature. This covers the toe part and protects it from getting directly hit to the ground while playing. These shoes are comfortable for two types of grounds, i.e., either plastic grass ground or field ground. 

The heel is designed in such a way that it provides support to the whole foot and makes it hold on quite appropriately when the person stands or takes a halt. The in-shoe comfort level of this cleat is also very high, and people feel like having a cushion from the inside of it. 


  • Advanced heel protection to support and strengthen the feet of athletes. 
  • Sole is made of gum rubber that keeps the sneakers touched to the ground. 
  • The outsole grip is very strong & long-lasting.


  • The durability of this sneaker may fluctuate sometimes.

#4. Ifans Men’s Athletic Football CleatsFootball Cleats Ifans Men’s

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These football cleats are specially designed with Gamon leather and rubber material for improved comfort. These shoes offer maximum durability and support to the feet of athletes to let them focus on the game. They are made of lightweight and soft materials for better cushioning and comfort. 

The sole of these shoes is made of rubber molded material for better traction and support. The lightweight and comfortable design enable players to move freely on the field. These cleats are available in multiple sizes and colors for maximum usability. 


  • These football cleats are light in weight. 
  • They are made of high-quality materials. 
  • They feature a cushioned and comfortable design. 


  • Built quality is not good.

#5. Nike Alpha Huarache 7 Elite Football ShoesFootball Shoes Nike Alpha

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The Nike football shoes have a unique design that offers better comfort and protection. These shoes are made of mesh material and synthetic material for superior usability. They have flexible TPU material that offers better traction and comfort. Also, these shoes are very lightweight to provide improved mobility. 

These football cleats come with foam cushioning to keep your feet comfortable. There are Flywire cables to hold your feet properly during the play. Moreover, these football cleats are breathable and durable for an improved experience. 


  • These shoes have a unique style. 
  • They are available in multiple sizes. 
  • They are made of lightweight material to provide better mobility. 


  • They offer a narrow fit.

#6. Yuktopa Men’s Football CleatsFootball Cleats Yuktopa

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These football cleats have PVC leather on the upper portion to offer better comfort and softness. Also, the football cleats are water-resistant, making them ideal for all weather conditions. They have rubber material on the sole for better rotational traction. 

These football shoes are easy to wear and remove because of their sock mouth design. It comes with an anti-collision protection design to keep your feet safe from injuries. The best thing about these shoes is they are available in multiple designs and sizes. 


  • These shoes are long-lasting and durable.
  • The PVC material construction offers high comfort. 
  • It has an anti-collision design to protect your feet from injuries. 


  • No cons so far. 

 #7. Dream Pairs Men’s Fashion Football CleatsFootball Cleats Dream Pairs

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With synthetic material construction, the Dream Pairs football shoes are a perfect choice for athletes of any age. They offer enhanced grip and control that every player needs in the field. They come with soft fly knit mesh that is stretchable and offers better movement.  

The upper part of these shoes is made of synthetic material for better fit and protect your toes. These shoes also offer excellent traction and grip on different surfaces like synthetic turf, natural grass, etc. 


  • These shoes are lightweight and durable. 
  • The internal support mechanism offers brilliant support. 
  • These football cleats support feet movements of athletes. 


  • Size issues.

#8. Nike Vapor Edge Pro 360 Football CleatsNike Vapor Football Cleats

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With a lightweight upper and durable sole, the football cleats are an excellent option for any athlete. The Nike football cleats come with a ghost lacing system that offers a perfect fit and looks good. These shoes are an excellent option for traction, speed, and agility. 

The Nike football cleats come with external pods to offer better traction. These shoes come with internal chassis to provide high flexibility and support. They come with wide stud placement for quick cuts. 


  • The Nike football shoes come in a wide range of sizes. 
  • They have a brilliant design to meet the needs of different athletes. 
  • These shoes offer better traction and speed. 


  • They don’t come in different designs. 

#9. Niber Boys Men’s Football CleatsFootball Cleats Niber

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These football cleats are made of soft synthetic material that offers a perfect fit to the feet of athletes. They have a smooth kicking surface that lets you perform better on the field. They come with a dynamic fit collar to offer better ankle movement. 

The football shoes have high-quality TPU to keep your body balanced and enhance your movement. It has a detailed size chart to let players pick the right size with ease. The outsole of these shoes is made of high-quality rubber to offer maximum speed and stability while moving. 


  • These shoes come with a breathable mesh material construction. 
  • It has an asymmetrical lacing system for a snug fit. 
  • The anti-slip texture offers high mobility. 


  • No cons so far.

#10. MALAXD Unisex AG Football CleatsFootball Cleats MALAXD Unisex

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The MALAXD football cleats are made of PU and rubber material to offer high performance and a comfortable feeling. These shoes are highly lightweight and flexible so that athletes can move on the field without any hassle. Furthermore, they offer excellent grip and protection to improve the performance of athletes. 

The non-slip and wear-resistant design makes this shoe ideal for all weather conditions. Also, they are an excellent choice for any occasion because of their superior design. They also absorb moisture to keep your feet cool and dry while playing. These shoes are ideal for walking, running, and other activities. 


  • These shoes come with strengthened technology. 
  • They are soft and comfortable, so excellent for running. 
  • The long studs with rubber outsole offer better gripping and traction. 


  • Less durable.

How To Choose The Best Football Cleats for Speed

A pair of good-quality football cleats is essential for every football player. But due to a wide range of options in the market, one may feel difficult to pick the right football cleats from the market. However, you can make this process easier by following the below points. 

Check the Parts

While buying the best football cleats for speed, you should check their parts to make sure that they are of high quality and can offer better performance. Also, different parts of football cleats have a different impact on your feet to enhance your experience. Here are the details of different parts of football cleats. 


The upper part of football cleats is usually made of synthetic or leather materials to offer better comfort and withstand different weather conditions. This part also includes laces or straps to let you adjust the fit. The shoe upper also comes with a breathable design to promote airflow and keep you comfortable. 


The midsole of the football cleats is designed to offer maximum cushioning and comfort to the player’s feet. This portion absorbs impact during the game and offers better support to the feet of the player. Depending on the type of material used in the midsole, the durability, and comfort can differ. 


This is the bottom part of the cleat and is usually made of plastic or rubber material. This ensures better balance and traction during games. This part helps players to defend opponents in the game effectively. 


The heel part of the football cleats lets players balance their feet during the game. This portion provides protection against sudden twists, even strong tackles, etc. This absorbs impact and lets athletes feel comfortable while playing. 

These are the important parts that you should consider when buying football cleats. 


Choosing the right style of football cleats is important to ensure better support and protection. Here are different types of styles that you need to consider when buying football cleats. 

Low Cut Style

Low-cut football cleats offer low support to the ankle and offer high mobility. This is why these cleats are ideal for receivers, running backs, and defensive backs.  These cleats are excellent for achieving high speed in the field. 

Mid Cut Style

Mid-cut football cleats offer medium ankle support and better movement. This is ideal for linemen, quarterbacks, and tight ends. 

High Cut Style

High-cut cleats offer the highest support to the ankle but reduce mobility. These cleats are ideal for linemen, center, and guards.


Football cleats are a crucial accessory for football games. Without this, you can’t get better protection and comfort for your feet. So, you should conduct your research and pick a pair of football cleats that meets your needs. We hope this article will be helpful for you while buying the best football cleats.

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